Welcome to HomeAds.ca

HomeAds.ca is not just a traditional real estate company. We like to consider it as an expansion of our personalities. A brand that breathes and lives day by day by the same core values that all of its employees embrace.


Being a market pioneer in the real estate industry in Ontario, Canada, HomeAds.ca realizes that selling your most valuable assets is an emotional and personal experience. We won’t treat you or the sale of your home as just as another number.


It is not a competition. We don’t do this to be famous and win an award for what numbers of homes we’ve sold. We do it since we love it and have your best interest at heart.



For details, https://www.homeads.ca/.


Contact :



241 Minet's Point Road

Barrie, Ontario, L4N 4C4

Phone : 647-896-7668

Email : ds@homeads.ca


We firmly trust that activities talk louder than words!


With our loyal team of professional photographers and videographers, home stylists and printers, they have set up the best systems and structured their business to run easily and effectively. Everything is set up to give you the maximum outcomes!


Our promise to you ….


- to give you the very best advice, professional service and values.

- to act with honesty and to your greatest advantage, always.

- to provide you the very best sales experiences and possible sales result.